Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why are all of the students smiling in the pictures?

A: Because they just completed 3-4 hours of fun, personal training by a Master class shooter and tier 1 instructor.  They were treated like adults and encouraged constantly.  

Q: Can my wife/mother/son/ friend take the class with me? 

A: Absolutely!  More than half of our classes are presented to small groups.  Though the classes are offered as private and one-on-one with the instructor, YOU may choose to schedule the class to include friends and family members.  When scheduling the class through GenBook, simply note the number of students attending the class.

Please understand that every adult in the classroom must be a paid student, except when an adult is supervising a minor child. (see below)

Q: What is the minimum age requirement?

A: This is best decided by parents. A minor student should possess enough maturity, discipline, intelligence and focus to pay attention to  2 hours of classroom instruction and follow instructions when handling an object capable of inflicting serious injury or death.  Typically at age 12 students begin to show this level of maturity.  We have taught students younger than twelve.  You know your child best.  Please contact us with any questions.

Q: I bought basic pistol class for my minor child- can I attend his class as a non-paying parent/guardian?

A: Yes, we encourage parental involvement in all classes wherein we instruct youth.   Supervising adults should limit their questions to information they believe their child needs to know or to stop an unsafe act.

Q: Does the class fee cover cost of ammunition?

A: No.  The class fee pays the instructor and the range.   The cost of ammunition is the responsibility of the student.

Q: Can you provide a sampling of many different firearms in different calibers so that I can see which one I like?

A: I could but you wouldn't like the price. 

With each firearm of a different caliber you have to purchase an entire box of ammunition.  This will drive your price up quickly and you could easily spend as much on ammunition as you did for the entire class.  

Further the class is not structured around sampling different firearms but rather jump starting your marksmanship with a single gun in a single caliber.