Your Instructor:

Hi! I'm Steven Cline, author of The Deadeye Method and I have one goal- provide the best handgun instruction, whether it be safe introduction to firearms, defensive pistol craft, or advanced marksmanship application. 

From 2009 through 2016, I was the Bullet Hole Shooting Complex's in-house handgun instructor, training approximately 800 students in basic pistol, advanced marksmanship, defensive pistol craft, home defense, and proving personalized coaching to law enforcement officers, US Air Force F22 pilots, US Army Top Medic competitors, and competitive shooters. In 2018, classes have resumed at the Colorado Rifle Club, outside Byers, CO.

I graduated from Washburn University in 1990, married a wonderful woman and have two children.  I served in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps, was promoted to the rank of Captain, and honorably resigned my commission at the completion of my contract.  I also served as a Deputy Sheriff with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, Johnson County, KS. 

In 2000 I left law enforcement for a corporate security manager's position with with a Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC), now the world's largest telecommunications company.  I investigate violations of company policy, crimes against the corporation, conduct due diligence investigations, assess workplace violence threats, technical surveillance counter measures, and some executive protection.  I am responsible for the protection of billions of dollars of company assets and the safety of tens of thousands of employees.

More importantly, I am a Master Class shooter in two USPSA Divisions; Limited and Single Stack.  While residing in Texas I won numerous matches in the Single Stack division including the 2010 Texas Limited, and the Texas Single Stack Shootout in 2010 and 2011.  After relocating to Colorado in 2017 I won the Single Stack Division at the 2017 Colorado State Championships.

My shooting accomplishments include:

•2008 “Go for the Gold” Single Stack Division Winner

•2010 AASA Stock Auto National Champion 

•2010 & 2011 Texas Single Stack Shootout Champion

•2011 Master Class Shooter - Single Stack Division

•2011 AASA .22 Division National Champion 

•2011 Texas Limited Single Stack Champion 

•2011 USPSA Nationals Top 50 (Limited 10 w/ Single Stack 1911)

•2011 Double Tap Championship 2nd Single Stack 

•2013 Texas Riviera Single Stack Champion 

•2013 Space City Challenge 1st Master Single Stack 

•2013 Texas Steel Shootout 2nd Master Limited 

•2014 Double Tap Championship, 4th in TX (shooting a Glock 9mm in Limited) 

•2015 AASA Nationals Single Stack Champion
•2015 AASA Nationals Man v. Man Master Class Champion

•2015 Gravick Ranch 1911 Open Law Enforcement Champion and 2nd High Overall

•2017 Colorado State USPSA Pistol Championships, Single Stack Division

•2017 Master Class Shooter - Limited Division (at age 50)

I am also an NRA Pistol Instructor.  Recently the NRA began a blended training program where students learn some material via video before attending class.  The Deadeye Method was years ahead of the NRA using blended learning starting in 2013.  It works.

In summary: I am a college educated, former US Army commissioned officer, former law enforcement officer (who graduated at the top of his class), Master class shooter, who is employed as corporate security professional at the world's largest telecommunication company responsible for billions of dollars of capital and nearly ten thousand employees. 

Should you ever need me to testify in court you would be hard pressed to find a better representative of the training you received.

I am unafraid to demonstrate my shooting ability and regularly compete in USPSA matches.  As time allows, I shoot "standards" or short shooting drills or tests of ability.  The videos below are of those standards.

"Designed by the US Department of Homeland Security's National Firearms and Tactical Training Unit (NFTTU), the Triple Nickel is formatted as a skills assessment drill for combat handgun proficiency for agents in the field."

It has it's own web page, and a wikipedia page.

In the video to the left, I take it to task.  Allow me to state that not everyone is up to the test; it will require solid fundamentals, some mental discipline and... some time getting used to drawing and reloading from a cover garment.  

Kyle Lamb is a former US Army SF soldier and instructor at Viking Tactics.  He authored a shooting drill called, "Tri Lambda" where one shoots three arrays of three targets with a reload between each array. 

A video of Kyle Lamb shooting the drill is available on youtube.

It's a sporty little drill and I enjoyed shooting it.

The Federal Air Marshals used to lay claim having the hardest qualification in law enforcement. They have eased their qual in recent years.  This video is of the old "hard qual" and I will say it was tougher than the qual required at my Sheriff's department.  (This video was from years ago when I was a B class shooter.)  

-Larry Vickers, MSG, US Army (Ret), had this to say about the "Test" (The Test?) as quoted here:

Gunfighter Moment – Larry Vickers 

‘One of my favorite handgun skill drills is called the Test. Also known as the 10-10-10 drill; it goes like this – put a B8 replacement center bullseye at 10 yards and in a max of 10 seconds shoot 10 shots from the low ready position. The goal is to put them all in the black within the maximum time limit – once you become proficient try using the scoring rings and try to score a minimum of 90 with 95 and above being ideal. As my students can tell you this drill is no joke and serves as an excellent yardstick to measure handgun skill by; you can find out where a student is at skill-wise real fast with this quick drill. I got it from Ken Hackathorn years ago and it is a classic.’

I shot the Test in mid to low 7 seconds

Rick Miller attempted to devise a shooting test that accounted for the difference in "power" between various calibers with a formula of (Points/Time)*RSP.  The RSP was a number meant balance out the slower shooting a heavier recoiling cartridge induced.  

A score under 150 is "Unsatisfactory"; 150-200 is "Adequate"; 200-249 is "Good"; and 250+ is "Excellent."  I shot a 266.21, a 266.58, a 266.29, and a 278.10.  

This is the classic Classifier called El Presidente. It was originally created by Jeff Cooper, the progenitor of IPSC and USPSA. 

As you can see it is a turn and draw to three targets shot twice each, a reload, and shooting of the targets again. 

I completed the Classifier with 54 pnts in 5.36 seconds for a 10.07 HF (93.26 %).

1.43 second draw
5 shots in 1.24 sec. (.25 sec split ave.)
1.60 sec reload
5 shots in 1.19 sec. (.24 sec split ave.)

 On March 16, 2018, I shot this classifier known as CM 06-04, "Fluffy‘s Revenge," at a local USPSA match.  My 2.94 second time scoring 36 of 40 points produced a 12.2449 Hit Factor.

It was estimated as a 91.5% classifier percentage which is expected to promoted me to Master in my second USPSA division; a two division Master class shooter.