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Original Deadeye Logo

In 2005, I and four friends formed a team to compete in the Bullet Hole Shooting Complex's Pistol League.  We registered ourselves as, "The Deadeyes," and individually as Deadeye Steve, Deadeye Mike, Deadeye John, Deadeye Roy, and Deadeye Bill (RIP).  

I captained the team and sought to ensure the team's success.  Focusing on two key marksmanship fundamentals and dry fire, The Deadeyes repeatedly won the league competitions and thus The Deadeye Method was born.

Today, The Deadeye Method is structured around two Albert Einstein quotes, the first being:

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."

For some decades now any instructor wishing to make a splash in the shooting world just made up a stance or grip and declared it better.  Once stances and grips were exhausted we saw advent of a half-dozen flashlight techniques, then came reloading methods and finally dubious tactics based on questionable logic. These instructors made shooting more complex and attempted to make themselves bigger.  When all the various methods of reloading, standing, gripping the gun or using a flashlight were exhausted there came the more violent approaches instructors chose to set themselves apart- mostly in the form of confidence drills where students or instructors shot targets increasing closer to a living person. 

It's time someone got back to teaching students to shoot and a few fundamental firearm facts along the way.

The second Einstein quote is...

"If you can't explain it simply, then you don't understand it well enough." 

I can explain shooting simply because I understand shooting.      

Why Learn From Someone Who Can't Shoot?

I believe that those who can't do, shouldn't teach.  If you think about it, that instructor is saying, "I can't teach myself to shoot really well, but I can teach you."  Does that make much sense?

I have an NRA certification to teach Basic Pistol- it does not mean I can shoot, nor does it prove I can teach.  While I am proud of my military service and law enforcement career, I know that having a DD-214 or a law enforcement commission in no way translates to shooting or coaching skill.

The Deadeye Method makes shooting simple.  At the time I resigned instructing at the Bullet Hole in 2016, I had taught more than 90% of some 800 students to group a majority of shots in a 3" circle at 7 yards with just 100 rounds of practice.  You could be the next better, smarter, safer shooter.