Student Reviews of The Deadeye Method

The Deadeye Method has 170 Reviews and a FIVE STAR RATING!!!!

"More than I expected" -Eric M:

First, in searching the Austin-San Antonio area, I found Steve to have the best and most accessible online presence for a beginner course. We arrived, and my wife had many questions in the classroom portion, Steve not only answered her questions, he did so with enthusiasm and kept that portion moving and interesting. Once we got on the range, he was extremely patient with two new shooters and gave us an amazingly solid foundation to build on. I highly recommend this course to anyone who asks

"Deadeye is Right On!" -Robert R:

My wife and I recently took the Beginner Pistol class with Steve...all we can say is WOW. Sharon, a complete novice ended up shooting less than 3" groups and I worked on correcting a decade's worth of bad habits! Steve was a great instructor with a solid course, and a fair price. We will be back for Home Defense in the near future! If you are looking for excellent training and a good time, sign up today!


Hi Michele,

Thank you for the email and the opportunity. 

As you know, I took basic pistol with ***** then again with Steve.  There were clear differences between the two courses in terms of professionalism, content of instruction, style and quality of instruction, and overall caliber of the product in terms of "getting the money's worth."  Put simply, if I had taken the course with Steve first, I would have had no reason to repeat the course and spend another $130.  After Steve's class, I have the confidence I need to go to shoot at the range and pursue more advanced instruction.  I would value Steve's class at double the price.

Steve's professionalism shines.  Every aspect of my experience, from registration to follow up after the course, made me sure that I was a valued customer and that I was receiving a quality product.  Steve has an infectious enthusiasm and energy and his teaching style reflects many years of experience in his trade as well as his excellence as a teacher.  In contrast, the first phone conversation I had with ***** gave me doubts.  I got no warm reception over the phone and I had provided my credit card info within minutes of our first contact, which felt uncouth.  Then, the day of class, ***** called and requested I arrive earlier and I didn't quite understand why; he said the range was gonna be busy with lots of people.

I value both intellectual and practical forms of information and Steve was able to deliver both.  Whereas shooting with ***** was more like getting a crash course with a sprinkle of anecdotes along the way.  At the end of my session with ******, he suggested I purchase an additional 100 rounds to practice on the public range, but I had to stop and clarify what I needed to be doing in order to be safe when manipulating the gun.  In comparison, within 15 minutes of shooting with Steve, and after about 50 dry fire repetitions, I was clear on how to behave at the range.  Additionally, in Steve's course, every single round I put down range had a purpose, which caused me to feel that I had got the absolute best out of 100 rounds of ammunition.
The lecture part of Steve's class appealed to my academic side and gave me the perspective I needed to start thinking like a smart gun owner.  With *****, this part was more laid back and was more like getting a talking to from a big brother, or going down a laundry-list of bullet points.  Not bad, but also not on par with my expectations for quality instruction.

To top it off, unlike the first time, I receive a prompt certificate of completion from Steve.  It feels good to a relatively new shooter to have that recognition.

I'm looking forward to coming back to the Bullet Hole in part because of Steve's warm reception, professionalism and courtesy.  That's as it ought to be.  Please let me know if there's any other way I can help you.  And please pass on the good feedback to Steve, should you have the opportunity (I did already write a review on Genbook).

Again, I was pleased to receive your email and to learn that you valued my feedback and experience at your range.  Looking forward to next time!



[Unfortunately I have retrained about five of this instructor's students.  In a list of the 25 techniques to increase sales, the 26th technique is, "Always Over Deliver."

At The Deadeye Method we over deliver.  And in a head to head comparison, The Deadeye Method comes out on top.  Students of The Deadeye Method have outshout other local instructors.

Best Shooting I've Done In My Life

"Went to the 5:30 basic handgun class and was amazed on how close my shots were. If you need help on shooting and accuracy Steven is the guy to go see!"

Beginner Handgun Class

Steve did an excellent presentation was a great instructor on the firing line. He provided constructive advice which improved our marksmanship dramatically. It was my daughter's first time firing a gun and he helped her build confidence with good instruction and encouragement. This is a great class for beginners and those who would like a solid foundation in the basics of firearm operations. I will definitely be taking more classes in the future.

Best Professional Trainer (Amazing knowledge)

I took this training with my wife who did not like guns at all to begin with. This class gave her and me incredible valuable information. If you own a gun or are thinking about trying one, you need to take this class. My wife has so much confidence now, she wants to try rifles. Thank you Steven, it was an honor to meet you.

Excellent instruction

We signed our 18 yo daughter, Alecia, up for a one on one session with Steve at Bullet Hole. Alecia had never fired a weapon before this class and by the end, could put 30 rounds into a 3 inch circle. She has so much confidence, she wants a pistol of her own. She raved about Steve's instruction and had a great time learning to shoot with him. Alecia's mother is now thinking of signing up for the class. Thanks Steve!

Great class and instructor

I really enjoyed the information provided by Steve and his teaching methods. He answered my questions with objective facts, not popular opinion. By taking this course, i was able to identify quickly what i was doing wrong and understood how to fix it. My shooting accuracy has already improved significantly in just a few short weeks since taking this course. I look forward to taking another class with Steve.

Intermediate Pistol - Worth Double the Cost

Overall, I highly recommend this course. It does a great job showing a shooter two things. One, there is no secret trick when it comes to shooting. It's all fundamentals. Two, it is *really* easy to fall off those fundamentals when being put in different/stressful situations. Steve's course reviews those fundamentals and then challenges you to maintain them.

Steve Cline, basic pistol class

Recently booked a class for my wife, daughter and me. Steve is the ultimate professional. He was patient and understanding with my wife, who was initially afraid of the guns and ammo. She went from fear to firing the 9mm with confidence. My daughter, who never shot before, enjoyed the class fully, thanks to Steve's caring approach. I recommend him to anyone who wants a patient, professional for any class.

Great instructor and informative class!

I initially signed up for this class just as a refresher. What I learned by the time the class was over far exceeded my expectations! Steve answered all of my questions though I didn't have many because his class is very informational, well laid out and fun. There were 2 of us in the class, both single women, and Steve added some tips that would be helpful for our situations. Overall I would HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone who wants to be more comfortable and knowledgeable with handguns!

Fantastic experience and training

Michael is an excellent instructor, thorough, patient and extremely knowledgeable. My comfort with guns and accuracy shooting grew tenfold from the experience. The classroom session is very helpful and informative and the online sessions make a great resource. My shooting during my range time improved exponentially.

Great teacher

Steve made you feel very comfortable from the introduction of the class to the end of the class. The one on one lesson was great He stressed a great deal on Safety which is what a lot of people do not know,. My daughter is a school teacher in San Antonio I will have her take the class .Great job Steve keep up the good work. Will tell all my friends.

Won't get a better lesson

My 18 year old son and I had never handled or fired a handgun. Steve gave us confidence with his in depth safety instruction (to handle the weapons properly & understand range etiquette. He had us shooting bulls-eyes right from the beginning. Highly recommend.

Very hard to find a better lesson/instructor

Steve had me look at targets of other shooters before we started and told me I'd be shooting better than most of them when my 3 hour lesson was over. He was right (even though I had only shot once before)! When I purchase a firearm, I will be signing up for all the remaining classes that Steve offers. Steve is worth the money! I know this because I took a different introductory course awhile back and it was a laughing joke compared to Steve's lesson (surprisingly still cost the same though).

Awesome Instructor

Steven is an awesome instructor. He is very thorough in his teachings. I have never liked guns but now having an understanding of what to do and expect has changed my view about guns. I would recommend his classes to others.

Review of beginner handgun class

As a professional instructor myself, Steve is a fantastic! He makes learning fun with great class content.

Superb Basic Pistol Course

I highly recommend this course for anyone new to shooting or wants a foundation for handling/shooting a pistol properly. My wife was exceedingly uncomfortable with talking about guns, let alone actually handling one. She had a fantastic time. By the end, she was shooting a 4" group at 15 yards! I can't tell you how much it means to me that she is now more comfortable handling a gun. I am now completely confident she can safely handle any pistol or revolver. Well worth the money!